4 Reasons to Take CBD for Sleep

1. Reduced Anxiety: CBD regulated cortisol - a stress hormone - which has a substantial impact on non-REM sleep cycles. Studies have shown that CBD improves sleep quality by reducing anxiety.

2. Pain Relief: If you can't sleep because of chronic or acute pain, CBD is a great alternative to pain killers. CBD reduces pain instead of masking it like many sleep-aids.

3. Elimination of Nightmares: Nightmares reduce overall sleepy quality - especially if they are frequent. People who suffer from REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) - a disorder marked by restlessness and increased nightmares - benefit greatly from CBD (according to this study).

4. Regulation of Sleep Cycles: CBD and Melatonin help to regulate sleep cycles and reset your internal clock. Taking CBD every night helps promote a healthy sleep schedule and daytime alertness. 


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