Lead-Contaminated CBD Oil From Florida Company

The FDA is still trying to spread the word about a manufacturer in Florida that was selling lead-contaminated CBD and was recently issued a recall after the products were tested and found to be dangerous. The product was a CBD oil tincture which was found to have lead levels of 4.7 parts per million. The company that sold the product issued a voluntary recall and began its own internal investigation.

It is very important to use caution when purchasing CBD products and assure that they are safe. This is one of the reasons the FDA wants to increase testing and regulation for CBD products, which would in turn continue to protect users and customers.

We take product safety very seriously at Sleepy Oak, which is why we triple check our products at various stages of the supply chain. All our products are tested for lead and other heavy metals. You can read our lab report here.

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Source: https://hempindustrydaily.com/fda-reissues-post-on-recall-of-lead-contaminated-cbd-oil-from-florida-manufacturer/


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