Sweet Dream vs. Prescription Medications

Sleepy Oak was created because we wanted people to sleep better without having to rely on addictive substances and chemicals. So we wanted to create a blog post talking about the alternative: prescription medications for insomnia.

At the top of the list are benzodiazepine prescription medications. In a study conducted by the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University, patients using benzodiazepines improved their total sleep duration but also had side effects like tolerance and dependence, psychomotor retardation, memory impairment, paradoxical inhibition, depression, and more. The side effects of benzo medications hinder patients' quality of life. We wanted to create a solution that improves patients' quality of life, not make it worse.

Next are nonbenzodiazepine prescription medications like Ambien and Edluar. According to the NCBI, They were developed to minimize the adverse effects and potential abuse associated with BZDs. However, many side effects like amnesia are still prevalent. In 2013, the FDA reduced the recommended dose because patients cannot perform actions that require alertness (like driving). So nonbenzodiazepine medications also negatively affect the patient the morning after.

In some cases, short-term prescription medication treatment is necessary. However, many cases require sustainable, long-term treatments that improve sleep duration and allow patients to be awake and alert in the morning.

Sweet Dream is a sustainable solution that has as few side effects as possible. We measure our success based on reviews that show customers slept better and were awake the morning after.

How Sweet Dream Works

Melatonin is naturally produced by the body in the evening to promote sleep. So by taking a Melatonin supplement, you are mimicking a natural sleep-inducing process that occurs in the brain.

Doctors believe that CBD improves Melatonin's effectiveness while reducing its side effects. So many get to sleep faster without feeling thirsty at night or drowsy in the morning. 

Chamomile and Lavender work in conjunction with Melatonin to improve sleep quality. My mom always told me to drink some Chamomile tea when I can't sleep. As always, she was right. Studies show that Chamomile and Lavender both increase sleepiness and improve sleep quality.

Sweet Dream, works to help you go to sleep, increase sleep duration, and minimize any potential side effects you may experience with other alternatives.

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