About Us

Sleepy Oak has one purpose: to develop natural homeopathic remedies that combat the root causes of sleep problems. We work with leading sleep researchers and doctors to create solutions that are effective, safe, natural, and nonaddictive.

Our founder’s close friend suffered from chronic pain and anxiety, which severely impacted her sleep. He worked with researchers and scientists for 3 years to create the proprietary formula. It helped her immensely, so he started to give it away to anyone who could benefit from it. It got so much positive feedback, he was inspired to launch Sleepy Oak and make his formula available to everyone.


Our Process:

We are the most trusted brand in the CBD space because of our intense research and development process, thorough testing and verification process, and California locally sourced organic ingredients. Our promise to you is to never cut costs where doing so would reduce the quality and safety of our products.

Research and Development:

Our process began 3 years ago when we worked with sleep researchers and doctors to find the top 100 combinations of proven, natural sleep enhancing remedies. Then we tested each one for effectiveness, absence of side-effects, and stability. We narrowed down the top 10, and conducted clinical trials to determine the best combination.

Then the best combination underwent strict tests for effectiveness and stability. We found that a combination of CBD, Melatonin, Chamomile, and Lavender produced the best results. CBD maximized the effectiveness of the remaining ingredients while minimizing their negative side effects.

We then tested different carrier oils, and decided to use plant-based, organic Vitamin E oil (Mixed Tocopherols). It performed better than the commonly used MCT oil and olive oil on stability, shelf life, and effectiveness.

Following we concluded our last stages of clinical trials on a sample group of 100 individuals, and were convinced that we have found the most effective and safe homeopathic sleep remedy.



We started by finding the top 100 hemp farms in California. Then we eliminated the ones that were not organic, pesticide-free, chemical-free, non-GMO, and had poor labor standards.

Our team of field experts visited their facilities and inspected their growing practices as well as extraction methods. We then picked out the best farm that met out very strict quality control standards.

We repeated this method for all our remaining plant-based ingredients, ensuring that our ingredients were the clean, pure, and organic.



In order to combine these ingredients into our formulas, we found the production facilities that are in California, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified, employed superior labor standards, and had clean, professional facilities. We then visited the facilities, met the teams, and decided on the one that not only meets our strict quality control standards but also aligned on our values.



Even though we have taken all the previous precautions to ensure our product is made from the best ingredients and created in the best facility, we still verify that our quality and safety is never compromised through the supply chain. We triple check our product before it arrives at your door step. Here’s how it works:


  1. Once the farm has completed its harvest and extraction, 10 randomly selected batches are sent to a 3rd party lab that specializes in testing CBD oil.
  2. The other ingredients are sent to a different 3rd party lab that specializes in testing plant-based ingredients.
  3. The CBD and ingredients are combined in our production facility, where the finished product is born. 10 randomly selected samples are sent to another 3rd party lab.

This rigorous testing process is built to protect you at whatever cost necessary. We know we’d make more money if we just tested once, like other companies, but we go that extra mile for you.